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SB 41 Federal Conformity Esperanza Fire: charitable contributions Signed by Governor (2/7/07)
SB 38 Property Tax provisions for Esperanza Fire Signed by Governor (9/21/07)
SB 194 Adds child pornographers to Megan's Law website Re-introduced as SB 1187
SB 198 Operation SafeHouse/Homeless youth Signed by Governor (7/30/07)
SB 224 Would facilitate the relinquishment of portions of State Highway 79 for the city of Hemet and State Highway 111 for the city of La Quinta Signed by Governor (10/12/07)
SCR 7 Motorcycle Awareness Month Chaptered by Sec. of State, Chapter 21, Statutes of 2007
SCR 8 Child Abuse Prevention Month Chaptered by Sec. of State, Chapter 29, Statutes of 2007
SB 538 Clarifies the distinction between manufactured and mobile homes in state statutes. Signed by Governor (10/12/07)
SB 590 Expands funding for the state's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces Funded through 2007-08 Budget
SB 787 Targets the activity of aggressively pinging computers in an effort clog or crash a website Senate Committee on Public Safety (2 year bill)
SB 798 Expands state law to ensure that both domestic and foreign applicants to flight schools receive a background check Failed Senate Public Safety (4/24/07)
SB 904 Would redact a veteran's personal information from the informational copy of a military service document that is issued to a non-authorized person Vetoed by Governor (10/14/07)
SCR 45 Native Americans: California Indian Heritage Chaptered by Sec. of State, Chapter 78, Statutes of 2007
SCR 47 California Hispanic Heritage Month Chaptered by Sec. of State, Chapter 80, Statutes of 2007
SB 1130 Provides for public access to California's database of registered arsonists. Introduced 1/29/08
SB 1187 Adds child pornographers to Megan's Law website Introduced 2/12/08
SB 1194 Establishes a Clean-Tech Investment Zone in the Coachella Valley Introduced 2/12/08